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How It Works

Before beginning the reading please email one photo of yourself to this email along with anything specific you think is important or want to touch base on and address after payment is made thru website. Please allow 48-72 hour turnaround time to respond to your email.
Policy Warning If I do not receive a photo of you or selfie as asked in my description or you email a different email address you will not be refunded and you won’t get a response! Please follow the simple instructions I ask of you since you are needed or wanting my service. Thank you ~Omega

45Minute READINGS This is a virtual video reading that will be sent to you via email with private link for you. 

Spiritual Therapy (4 sessions) If you decide you would like once a week access to a person reading with wise council that goes a little deeper into your specific situation or experience, this gives you access to 4 session. This is a 1 hour reading with access to asking questions via email, this will take place once per week for 4 weeks total , you may purchase this option if you feel you need more out of your 1 hour reading. This will be via zoom link telephone call only. No video chats. Email me with any questions you might have. 

Wise Counsel/Readings will be done weekdays ONLY. 

(I do not work weekends) 

NOTE: Personal readings with Omega are for Spiritual healing/advice purposes ONLY to help you move forward, bringing clarity and shed light on situations. These personal readings are all different for different situations and circumstances that help you on your spiritual path to enlightenment. The bring healing in love situations, in making healthy boundaries and better decisions, building a better relationship with God, and the holy spirit, how to move on from difficult situations and hard times. Oracle messages and tarot is not to tell you what to do or about fortune telling, it is to give confirmation and bring awareness to general questions you may be curious about or wanting to understand on a spiritual level to help you get unstuck or see things from a higher perspective.

You may ask any questions or concerns before I start the reading to touch base on anything you are interested in particularly. If you just want a general advice/reading, please feel free to leave that in the email as well.

TikTok subscribers will receive special discounts readings 30% . Apply discount codes at check out. You can find code in subscriber notes section or contact me for code via email or DM. 

All sales are final. There are not returns or refunds. You are paying for the time being utilized during the reading process that was booked out by you. 

DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing any mental health issues or disorders please contact/seek out the proper psychiatric help necessary that you may need. This is for Spiritual and Entertainment purposes ONLY! Please use your discernment and always check in with God first after receiving spiritual advice/messages. If Omega Big Energy feels uncomfortable for any reason the call will be dropped and you will be blocked. If you start making provocative, sexual or inappropriate discussions towards the reader the call will be dropped immediately and you will lose access to Omega, no refund will be given at any time. 

Thank you for choosing Omega Big Energy