Palo Santo Incense Sticks

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These are top quality made, slow burning and made from real herbs. A great alternative for burning Palo Santo wood sticks. These palo santo incense sticks are more practical, they burn on their own, you will not have to keep relighting them like the wood sticks. We have 6 options to choose from that are mixed with Palo Santo you can choose from. All our incense come in a ten pack plus a box of our MGOL signature match box. Light it up. 15 sticks with one box of matches

Pure Palo (Used for bringing in positivity) 

Palo+ Black Copal (Used for connecting to the spiritual realms and purification)

Palo+ Rosemary (Used for protection)

Palo+ Ruda (Used for transmuting or purging negative or any old energy, protection against banishing spells and hexes) associated with planets Mars and Saturn. 

Palo+ Lavender (Used for creating a clam and relaxing environment)

Palo+ Myrrh (Used for purifying your space and healing your energy) SOLD OUT

You can continue to research more ways to get the most out of the uses and benefits of these herbs that are used in making these incense sticks. These herbs have been used in rituals, for healing purposes, cleansing purposes for thousands of years since ancient times.