Feeling good, It's all about the message!

Posted by Sara Jennifer on

As a creator made by the creator, creating things as an artist has not been easy at times. I knew I wanted to make something for the collective. I enjoy making my ideas come to life that are given to me directly from Source (God) He gave me an assignment to do in the beauty industry and I carried out that goal throughout the years and followed through. It started almost 8 years ago in the trunk of my car and transformed with me on this spiritual journey into messages that can now be shared with the world. 

Creating a brand that was going to be different was something I had thought long and hard about. WHY is this so special? HOW would it be different from other brands? WHEN would be the right time to present it to the world? HOW would this help humanity? Things like that. Giving birth to a brand that would empower and uplift the collective was important to me. It wasn't just about me; it was about my fellow human beings and consumers. What did they need? How could I make a difference in their lives? How could I make my imprint on the world in a positive way?

They didn't need another pretty lipstick, or another eyeshadow palette, they needed a message. A message that brings happiness, hope, and mindfulness. Something that reminded everyone that the universe is full of messages all around us. These messages are powerful and are going to help awaken the collective. Sometimes we forget that we are not just physical beings but spiritual beings as well. We need a good balance of both. What good is a lipstick or beauty product without spiritually feeling pretty too?

In a world full of animosity, we need more selflove and compassion for ourselves so we can also pass that on to others. If I can help spread positivity through our products and packaging, then I think the world would be a better place. Makeup Girls on Lock created these messages to help feed the soul not the ego.